Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mountains o' things


There you are
Your beauty consoles me
I’ve gone far
And I almost didn’t find you
And I almost lived without you
There is nothing in this world
I’d rather do than live in you

Here we go,
Our favourite adventure
You should know
I was never more complete
And I never thought I’d see
The meaning of my life
Wrapped in you next to me

If you ever fear
Some day we might lose this
Come back here
To this moment that will last
And time can go so fast
When everything’s exactly
Where it’s at its very best.

K's Choice - Favourite Adventure

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cats - Updated

They're almost four years old now!! But sadly, I lost one of the trio.
For those of you who remember them, I found Spook, Pixel and Minimum when they were 48 hours old in a bag full of water (someone tried to drown them!). I bottlefed them and raised them. They grow beautiful and lovely adult cats.
We moved together: first to a place where I couldn't let them out because of the cars and bad-tempered people and then to a place where they could have a garden again.
After one year of happy going-out and playing in the garden, Minimum didn't come back home one day in August. I searched the whole village, put ads everywhere, called the animal welfare services, etc... But she stayed missing. She still is and I still hope she'll come back although I'm well aware that the chances are almost nihil.
At approximately the same period, while cycling through the village, D and I found a long-haired black and white cat. On approaching and stroking her, we realised she was skinny as can be, hair mated and all. We decided to bring her home at least to give her a good meal. She decided she'd liked to stay so before agreeing, we called the vets and the shelters to make sure she didn't belong to anyone. She didn't, or not anymore. She's over ten years old, the vet told us. We named her Grizzly ('cause she had one hell of a temper with our other cats upon arriving) and she proved to be one of the best-raised and nicest cats I've ever met. Now, she's as much part of the family as the others.

Want to see them?
Here they are!!




Monday, February 13, 2012

Who's listening?

It's been an awfully long while : after two years without internet at home, an enormous amount of work for my thesis and having moved two and a half times.... Here I am : appearing again in order to see if anyone is still following this blog.
I'll try to build up my posting again and hope you'll come back here too...